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Doug Caplan - Fine Artist

Doug Caplan

Doug Caplan

Langley, BC - Canada

My passion for monochrome & creative fine art photography has spanned over 20 years, refining my vision through the traditional darkroom and medium format cameras. After a several year hiatus, I re-entered the world of fine art photography embracing the digital domain.

My photography leans toward the abstract. Patterns and contradictions and the tension they create are a common thread in all my work. If I believe an image will generate discussion then I will capture it. If an image can stir one’s imagination or generate thoughtful discussion then the artist should be content.

All images are deliberately ‘Untitled’. Early in my career I would title my photographs, but found that people formed opinions based on what the title of the image was. But when I deliberately left an image untitled, then the discussion expanded dramatically as people were free to expand on any thought that was relevant to the image viewed. I believe it is the artist’s obligation to allow his/her work to be interpreted by others.

Member of CAPA - Canadian Association for Photographic Art -




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